Canard à la presse

- A touch of "Tour D’Argent" in the Residenz Heinz Winkler -

8. February 2020

Heinz Winkler and his team will create an exceptional menu with a classic highlight of the French cuisine: 
"Canard à la presse". 
As main course we will serve "Canard à la presse" in the style of the famous restaurant "Tour D’Argent" in Paris. 
Since more than 120 years the "Canard à la presse" is served in this restaurant for illustrious guests as 
Salvatore Dali, Charlie Chaplin und Franklin D. Roosevelt.
6-course menu
Wine, water and coffee 
Petits Fours
per person € 295,-
In booking this arrangement we offer an overnight stay including breakfast of
 € 220,- per room.