Other Awards for Heinz Winkler

Following is a brief extract of other awards Heinz Winkler was honoured with for his Cuisine Vitale, his house and for his commitmentf to culinary art. 

Gold medal for Europe à Tavola in Italy
International Thrope of Honour of the Thrope Gourmet, awarded by the Austrien verliehen vom österreichischen Federal Chancellor
Commisaire General of Eurotoques (1964 - 2008)
Cultural Award of European Economy
Restaurateur of the Year (Gault&Millau)
L'Art de Vivre Award for the Highest Art in Cooking and Hospitality
Hotelier of the Year (Capital)
LEADERS OF THE YEAR (Rolling Pin) Lifetime Achievement Award
Maintaining value & dissemination - Proxxima Initiativpreis 2018