Small Mussel Balls with Herb Mayonnaise                            Starter


Serves 4


24                             mussels


250 ml                      Riesling

100 ml                      water

1                                shallot

1                                unpeeled clove garlic

1                                small sprig thyme



5                                zucchini

3                                bell peppers

2                                small, firm eggplants

4                                mushrooms

10 g                          spicy curry

1 stick                      white bread

1                                egg

4 tbsp                       heavy cream

200 ml                     fat




Herb mayonnaise:

3                                egg yolks

2 tbsp                       tarragon vinegar

500 ml                      vegetable oil

3 tbsp                        reduced white wine

2 tbsp                        chopped fresh herbs

2 tbsp                        white truffle oil

Rosa Pfeffer

1                                stalk leek

oil for frying






In a pot (approx. 25 cm in diameter), bring the broth ingredients to a boil. Add the mussels, cover and cook for 3-5 minutes. Drain mussels and let cool. Remove and chop the mussel-meat.

Finely dice the vegetables and cook in foaming butter until soft. Lightly salt, then blend in curry.

Remove crust from white bread and dice into small cubes.

Mix curried vegetables and mussels; add egg and heavy cream and season to taste if necessary. Mold into small balls, roll diced white bread and fry in hot fat.

To make the herb mayonnaise, beat egg yolk with tarragon vinegar until foamy. Slowly and gradually add oil, stirring constantly. Simply stir in remaining ingredients and salt to taste.

To finish:

Arrange balls with herb mayonnaise. You can also garnish them with pink pepper and leek straw. To make leek straw, cut the leek into very thin strips and fry briefly in a strainer in hot oil.