Buttermilk mousse with Kiwi Sauce                                          Dessert


Serves 4



1 sheet                         gelatin

150 ml                          buttermilk

30 g                               sugar

zest and juice of

1 lemon and 1 orange

2 tbsp                           Grand Marnier

200 g                            whipped cream

Kiwi sauce:

1 sheet                          gelatin

3                                     kiwis

30 g                                sugar






Pre-soak gelatin in cold water. Mix buttermilk, sugar, zest of orange and zest of lemon together. Add Grand Marnier to taste. Warm up orange juice, dissolve gelatin in juice and stir into buttermilk. Fold whipped cream into mixture and add lemon juice to taste. Pour into 8 cm large rings and refrigerate.

To make the kiwi sauce, soak gelatin in cold water. Peel kiwis, cut into small pieces, add sugar and briefly puree on a low speed, Pass through a fine sieve and stir into softened gelatin.

To finish:

Remove buttermilk mousse from rings and serve with kiwi sauce.