Tuna Variations                                                             Starter


Serves 4



240 g                                    tuna

4 thin slices                        cucumber

salt, pink pepper


lemon juice


tuna in strudel dough:

200 g                                  tuna

lemon juice

2 tbsp                                Worcestershire sauce

4 leaves                             spinach

1 tbsp                                 fish stuffin (farce)

1 tbsp                                 whipped cream

60g                                     strudel dough

1                                          egg yolk

200 ml                                fat


Carpaccio auf Rucola:

100 g                                  tuna

1 handful                           arugula

1 tbsp                                 balsamic dressing (see basic recipe II)

1 tbsp                                 water

6 tbsp                                 truffle oil

3 tbsp                                white balsamic vinegar

1 pinch                              salt


Asian Tuna:

1                                                       carrot

1                                               stick celery

1                                               leek

sesame oil

soy sauce

200 g                                  tuna

1 tsp                                  wasabi

1 tsp                                  water

4 slice pickled ginger

(Asian market)






To make the tartar, finely dice the tuna and season with salt and freshly ground pink pepper. Add some oil and lemon juice. Using two spoons scoop out a generous ball of tartar and arrange on the cucumber slices.

To make the tuna in strudel dough, separate the tuna into four 50g portions and marinate in salt, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. Remove stems from spinach leaves, blanch in salted water, cool in ice water and place on a towel. Spread fish stuffing on the leaves, top with marinated tuna, then wrap shut. Roll out strudel dough, cut into 4 equal parts (4 x 4 cm) and brush with egg yolk. Place tuna on top, wrap shut and deep-fry in hot fat.

To make the Carpaccio, dice the tuna, place between two sheets of plastic wrap and flatten. Wash arugula and marinate in balsamic dressing. Draw flattened fish through a marinade of water, truffle oil, white balsamic vinegar and salt, then arrange on arugula.

To make the Asian tuna, wash and julienne carrot, celery and leek, then blanch separately in salted water. Place in a skillet, sauté in sesame oil, add soy sauce and remove from heat. Cut the tuna into four 50g pieces and marinate in soy sauce. Mix wasabi with water and brush onto tuna. Garnish with one slice of ginger and arrange on vegetables.