Red Mullet Fillets on Pistou Sauce with Tomatoes                      Main Course


Serves 4


Pistou sauce:

1 tbsp                          chopped basil

½ tsp                            chopped parsley

½ tsp                            tarragon

½ tsp                            chervil

2 tbsp                          butter

100 ml                         fish stock (see basic recipes)

1 tsp                            reduced white wine

1 tsp                            lemon juice

125 g                          heavy cream

salt, pepper

4                                 medium tomatoes

20 g                            butter


2                                  red mullets, 350 g each

5 tbsp                         olive oil

Freshly ground pepper






To make the Pistou sauce, mix the finely chopped herbs with soft butter. bring fish stock to a boil, add herb-butter mixture and stir well. Add reduced white wine and lemon juice to taste.

Bring some water to boil in a pot. Score tomato skins with an "X" and place in boiling water. Remove again immediately and peel off skin. Then remove the seeds and finely dice the tomatoes. Season with salt and sugar and sauté in butter for 1 minute.

Scale red mullets, fillet and remove fish bones with tweezers. Briefly wash fish, dry and season with salt and pepper.

Slightly heat the oil and carefully sear the red mullet fillets on both sides without brownin.

To finish:

Remove red mullet fillets from skillet and dab with a paper towel. Heat up Pistou sauce with heavy cream, mix and pour on warmed plates. Add diced tomatoes and top with red mullet.