Seared Scallops on Red Wine Pasta with Truffle Sauce                           Starter


Serves 4


8                               scallops in shells

flour, salt

Red wine pasta:

250 ml                     port wine

250 ml                     red wine

2                               egg yolks

1 pinch                    salt

1 tbsp                      olive oil

250 g                       flour

Truffel sauce:

200 g                       cream

50 ml                      truffel oil








Remove scallop meat from shells, wash, soak in fresh water to remove all salt and pat dry with a paper towel. Coat with flour, salt lightly and sear on both sides until golden brown.

To make the port wine pasta, boil down port and red wine until reduced liquid becomes viscous. Whisk in egg yolks, salt and olive oil. Quickly fold into flour and knead until smooth. Set pasta maker to desired shape and pass dough through. Cook shortly in salted water until done.

To make the truffle sauce, bring all ingredients to a boil and whisk.

To finish:

Arrange red wine pasta on warmed plates. Top pasta with seared scallops and coat with truffle sauce.