Souffleed Saddle of Venison with Celery Root Puree                    Main Course


Serves 4


500 g                       saddle of venison

salt, freshly ground pepper

celery root puree:

150 g                       celery root

125 g                       sweet cream


50 g                          noisette butter

40 g                          whipped cream


80 g                          poulard meat

100 g                        cream


3                               challots

250 g                       game stock (see basic recipes)

30 g                          butter

150 g                       celery root






Trim saddle of venison, cut into medallions of 80 grams each and add salt and pepper to taste.

For the puree, peel and dice celery root. Blanch in salted water, then cool in ice water. Cook celery root with cream until it has the consistency of puree, pass through a sieve and season to taste with salt, nutmeg, and noisette butter. As a last step, fold in whipped cream.

For the stuffing, trim poulard meat, cut into small pieces, season with salt, refrigerate until cold. Remove meato from refrigerator, add one teaspoon cream and finely grind in a food processor. Place meat in an iced bowl and gradually stir in remaining cream. Add celery root puree and stir well to blend.

For the sauce, finely dice and sauté shallots. Top off with game stock and bring to a boil. Reduce to 1/3 of original volume and bind with butter. Strain through a sieve.

To finish:

Cut celery root into 1 cm thick and 4 cm wide strips. Then cut into 1,5 cm slices using a food slicer. Cook in salted water until tender and lay out in a ring, 7 cm wide and 4 cm high. Place venison medallions in ring (approx. 1 cm high) and brush with celery root mousse. Cook in oven at 140^C for 12 minutes.

Cut venison medallions in half and arrange on a plate. Pour souce around medallions and garnish as desired.